Vampire of the Mists by Christie Golden

By Christie Golden

Jander Sunstar, an elven vampire from the Forgotten nation-states global, is pulled into the newly shaped darkish realm of Ravenloft and forges an alliance with the land's strongest inhabitant--Count Strahd Von Zarovich, himself a newly risen vampire. yet as Jander teaches the count number the finer issues of being undead, he learns that he's tutoring the fellow that drove his misplaced love insane!

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It showed a blind woman carrying a set of scales. " She frowned and touched the card gently. Her eyes grew distant. "You seek revenge," she amended softly. When she turned over the next card, Maruschka was a bit startled. A scythewielding skeleton grinned up at her. She glanced up at Jander and noticed to her shock that the elf had a slight, sarcastic smile on his lips. "That's you," she blurted out. "I mean, this is your present. " Jander's smile stayed. " Something was not right with Jander, Maruschka thought.

The interior was fine red leather, and there was actually glass in the windows. Only someone quite wealthy would squander so much on a carriage, he noted. Jander walked slowly around the vehicle, examining the fine quality of the wood and the symmetry of the wheels. There was a place in the front where the driver of the carriage would sit. Only there was no driver. The reins were neatly tied together and draped across the seat. Standing out against the lush black and red of the carriage was a crisp white envelope.

It seemed like a good card. It depicted a pair of lovers walking through a green wood, hands clasped, the man looking suspiciously like Petya. "That doesn't look so bad " he ventured. Maruschka shook her head. "It isn't, usually. This is the Lovers' card. But you see, it's upside down. That means that there was a parting. " Jander began to seriously consider the idea that this woman could indeed predict the future. Maruschka flipped the third card. It showed a blind woman carrying a set of scales.

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