To Duel With Dragons (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy by Matt Sprengeler, John Cooper, Doug Kovacs

By Matt Sprengeler, John Cooper, Doug Kovacs

A 4th point event. Is not anything yet a metal blade and an iron will adequate to defeat the mightiest monster of all? during this all-new experience module for Monte prepare dinner offers: Iron Heroes, the desktops are referred to as in to find a lacking baby -- the kid of a dragon, that's. they need to discover an historic dragon graveyard and defeat a amazing evil wyrm utilizing merely their wits and their guns. like several Iron Heroes adventures, this one makes use of a low-magic, high-action surroundings to offer heroes a real likelihood to turn into -- Iron Heroes.

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He’s a little ragged from his obsidian misadventure (having lost 12 hp) but otherwise in good spirits. Gowan will share some information if the PCs wish, although he says “professional ethics” prevent him from revealing his mission or the identity of his employer. “A group of nice ladies in the Viper Swamp are curious about dragons, and that’s all I can tell you,” is his answer. Assuming the PCs take him up on his offer, he’ll be a cooperative member of the group as they fight their way up to Ulagor’s lair.

Warriors are instructed to “ring a three” and warn the rest of the Hundred if they encounter any kind of threat. If warriors hear another station ring a three, they are to do the same and then prepare to defend the path from invaders. This poses a serious threat to the PCs. Once the bells start ringing, stealth is almost useless in the cramped quarters of the Hill’s only path. Fortunately, most of the Hundred are bored by their long stretches of inactivity. When they encounter the PCs, they are inclined to attack immediately, only resorting to the bell if they’re being slain or driven back.

However, only the largest snakes are likely to dispense enough of it to make their bites immediately dangerous. (DC 20) A trio of hags is believed to dwell in the swamp, combining their powers for evil. The Viper Swamp is a day’s journey across rolling plains from Goldrock, or three days through hills and plains from Parch. No encounters are designated for this time, as the swamp is a busy enough place, but this could be a chance for PCs to practice their skills and get enough XP to reach 7th level if they aren’t there yet.

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