Thief's Challenge (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module HHQ3) by Troy Christensen

By Troy Christensen

Thief's Challenge is a unique complicated DUNGEONS & DRAGONS event designed for a DUNGEON grasp and one participant personality: a thief. it is a ideal holiday from workforce play, adapted to the nature who is looking a few additional event. suited for smart novices in addition to more matured rogues, Thief's problem we could a thief take complete benefit of his particular skills.

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Mysh knows Greystreet desires the hawk and will trade it for access to Greystreet’s secret library. The Black Porcelain Hawk As the story goes, ages ago, the emperor of a distant land wished to show his gratitude to a paladin who had slain a great dragon in his land. He made a hawk of platinum and encrusted it with gems from head to foot. To disguise its worth, the emperor had the statuette coated with a thick covering of black porcelain. The deception worked and the paladin returned to the region of the Thadysh River, with the valuable hawk unharmed.

At night the room is empty. 6. Mess Hall This large room contains four long tables and 60 chairs. Tin plates and cups are stacked on the rough-hewn tables. Guarding the door to the barracks (#8)are two thugs who are bored, but awake. It will be nearly impossible for the PC to Hide in the Shadows or Move Silently in this room (-50% penalty for both) without being seen by these thugs. There is a 1in 6 chance that the PC will disturb a number of thugs while they are eating. If this is the case, the room will have ld6 + 2 thugs sitting around consuming food and drink.

If opened, the letters are in a simple, commbn language; the PC should be able to read both. One of the letters authorizes Kon Bardiche to be the new commander of the garrison of Hylock and demands the execution of Mav Lakorak. The other is a proclamation to the merchants and people of the land that the bearer of the signet ring is heir to the Zadaraq throne and rightful ruler of the lands of Garlin. The PC will find three chests containing 3,000 silver coins each. Moving such large chests across area 9 will be very difficult ( - 2 penalty to all checks after any other modifications).

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