The Sea Devil's Eye (Forgotten Realms: The Threat from the by Mel Odom

By Mel Odom

Iakhovas has prompted extra destruction than any strength because the Time of problems, yet his real goal has been a secret . . . until eventually now.

When a tender sailor's trip is whole, an getting older bard's ultimate track is sung, and a malenti priestess faces her so much hard try, the danger from the ocean concludes in an explosive climax that would set all of Faerûn reeling.

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PLAYERS’ GUIDE TO THAY Glossary of Things Thayvian one another. An excellent market for mercenaries. ary of much of Thay except in periods of conquest. Aglarond— west. The elves and mysterious Neighboring country to the population is mostly halfthe country is ruled by the Simbul. The Citadel— Mighty fortification in the Thaymount, built by pre-human residents who are said to still reside in devolved form in its lowest dungeons. Lauzoril— Prominent Red Wizard who has declared a vendetta of sorts against the Harpers.

Altumbel— Peninsula holding the city of Spandeliyon, called the City of Pirates. Known as the least lawful city on the Inner Sea, it was founded by the refugees from Aglarond driven out by the half-elves who now rule the country. Amruthar— Neutral city on the River Lapendrar. Not possessed by Thay, it acts as a entry port for goods going to Thay. Assassins— Said to be the main political expediters in Thay. Delhumide— Ruined city that had been a capital of Thay in ancient times. Said to be laden with hidden magic.

There is nothing stopping the elementals from hurling objects past the circle, if they are capable of doing that, and attacks can go out of the circle. The material component of this spell is a piece of a substance that came from neither the Prime Material Plane nor any of the Elemental Planes. Protection from All Undead—5” Radius (Abjuration) Level: 4 Components: V, S, M Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 round Duration: 10-80 (10d8) rounds Saving Throw: None Area of Effect: 5” radius around caster Explanation/Description: This spell works against all forms of undead.

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