The Living Dead (D&D Retrospective, Book 2) by T. H. Lain

By T. H. Lain

Searching events from an elven village are mysteriously disappearing. related mysteries plague a dwarven payment at the a long way facet of the mountains. both sides blames the opposite. just a band of attempted and actual heroes can root out what sinister strength manipulates those mostly peaceable people.

But can they triumph over that evil prior to the tribes visit battle?

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Automatic 1,000 gp or higher Picture a long room (20 feet) with a door at one end and a bank safe at the other. The safe is attached to the wall permanently and cannot be moved. This is the setting for this trap designed by Scot Rhoads. Delvers, being nimble-fingered little monkeys, will almost certainly attempt to pick the safe’s lock by pressing their pudgy ears against the door and twirling the dial. To the safecracker’s dismay, however, he soon finds that every mistake he makes while working the dial causes the floor of the room to slide one foot into the wall holding the safe — revealing a bottomless pit below.

Roy has provided a sample of traps for the individual pillars, and with such inspiration, more can surely be invented as needed. One pillar is made of fragile material that will crumble under 75 pounds of weight. A long fall. Another pillar, slightly similar, is hollow; its plaster top will break through with the sudden weight of a jumping character. The kicker to that pillar is 35 THE WURST OF GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS that the solid circumference of the pillar is metal, with a sharpened edge to sever ropes and quick fingers.

A smart delver might also consider knocking the gem from the pedestal from a distance, or might try to block sunlight from entering the room. If you choose to use this trap, remember to guard the room at night… unless you elect to make the gem run on moonlight, as well. The actual value of the gem is set by the DM, but a gem of not less than 1,000 gp is suggested. (Not by Grimtooth however. ) A Bridge Too Far CR: 3 Type: Search: Magical Trap (DC 27), Primary Trigger (DC 25) Disable Device: Trap (DC 27, 2d4 rounds), Primary Trigger (DC 25, 2d4 rounds) Primary Trigger: Touch (press buttons) Primary Trap Effect: Effect: Illusory bridge spans pit.

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