The Glory of Rome: Campaign Sourcebook (Advanced Dungeons & by David L. Pulver

By David L. Pulver

One-thousand years of historical past are woven round the tale of Rome. With this AD&D online game complement, computers can stand quickly ahead of a mass of charging Gauls with Julius Caesar, vie for the emperor's awareness within the coliseum, bellow oratory within the senate, or dispense the pax romana to the ends of the earth within the identify of emperor Hadrian. the honor of Rome describes Roman personality kits, magic, apparatus, tradition, and settings for stimulating role-playing in Earth's previous or in a Roman-style realm in any gaming global. adventure the grandeur that used to be Rome!

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AB standard, plus male priests must be eunuchs; AL any non-lawful; WP dagger, sickle, any sword; AR any; SP all, animal, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic, plant, protection; PW-enter a frenzy in which the priest is immune to pain and fear-treat as the courage effect of the emotion spell (1st level), & nil. Priests must take the Dancing nonweapon proficiency. Ceres: This widely worshiped goddess of the fertile earth was also called Demeter and Korre. Her priests must make an annual pilgrimage every September to her shrine in Eleusis to perform the Eleusinian mysteries to maintain the fertility of the land.

A man who planned a sea voyage might offer prayers for a safe and swift journey to Mercury as god of travel, Neptune as god of the sea, Jupiter as god of storms, and to the nameless spirit of the ship itself. Roman prayers were often cast in the form of a vow; you promised to sacrifice to the god if he delivered what you asked of him. ” With such a multitude of deities, Rome was very tolerant of other nations’ gods. During times of crisis, the priests of Rome sometimes decided to adopt foreign gods into the state cult, reasoning that since all gods already existed, things might get better once that particular previously neglected god was receiving Rome’s worship.

The most important spirits were named, while many others were nameless. The Greeks gave the Romans the idea of gods with personalities, so early in Roman history, the important spirits whose spheres of influence coincided with those of the major Greek gods were identified with them. For instance, Mars, the Roman spirit of battle, became to be seen as counterpart to the Greek war god Ares, while the Roman corn spirit Ceres took on the personality and gender of the Greek nature goddess Demeter. N o Roman worshiped every god or spirit.

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