The Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (AD&D Fantasy Roleplaying, by Ed Greenwood, Jeff Grubb

By Ed Greenwood, Jeff Grubb

Paperback reproduction of entire Cyclopedia of the geographical regions

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On the tenth morning, the petitioner is given the choice of leaving (he may return) or joining the order as an acolyte. In browsing, the traveler may engage in research as if a sage himself, with knowledge in Special Category. for veracity, and at no further cost. Magical books and other dangerous items are kept in the Inner Rooms. Only the Keeper (the order’s head) and the Readers (his accomplished staff) may enter these rooms. Any information that may be found within these areas must be researched as for sages (No Browsing).

The precise borders of a Great Druid’s domain are nebulous at best. On location of high-level druids: When a druid reaches sufficient level to challenge another druid of his or her position, a sign will be sent by the Power the druid worships indicating the location of the druid sought, unless the first druid knows the second druid’s location already. DURLAG’S TOWER AT A GLANCE: South of the Wood of Sharp Teeth a plug of hard rock juts from the plains. Atop this pinnacle is a single, massive tower.

Few inhabitants of the Sword Coast will camp near the Castle by choice, and rumors persist of excavations that predate Daeros’ fortress, and of a still-operational gate. DRUIDS AT A GLANCE: A sub-grouping of clerics which tends to worship outside of the standard Temple-complexes are the druids, who wander the land, or are organized into loosely-affiliated “circles” throughout the Realms. These druid-circles tend to fill the same requirements as hierarchies within the clerical faiths, but are much smaller and there is still less definition about which activities fall under which headings.

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