Seekers of the Ashen Crown (Dungeons & Dragons) by Chris Sims

By Chris Sims

The 1st 4th version Dungeons & Dragons(R) experience set in Eberron(R)!Will the adventurers have the ability to thwart the machinations of a mad dragon within the hopes of saving the town of Sharn from sure destruction? Is the slinky elven maiden quite in hassle or operating for the enemy? Is the physique within the morgue rather the heart of this entire puzzle or in basic terms one piece? This event, within the variety of a Dashiell Hammett novel, will surely attempt their ability and resolve.This is the 1st complete event for Eberron with the 4th version D&D(R) principles. This experience builds at the pattern event supplied within the Eberron crusade advisor yet can be playable as a stand-alone experience.

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DC 10: A large magical emanation can be felt 10 feet below the floor of the room , probably the source of the grinding sound. Trigger The trap activates when two center plates are depressed at the same time or when a PC attempts to open the doors opposite those through which the party entered. Triggering the trap has the follOWing effects. • Western Doors: Slam closed and lock. • Eastern Doors: Slam closed and lock. • Center Plates: Rock violently. • Stairs: Both sets of stairs flatten into steep ramps.

Leading away from this hole is a passage big enough for a Small creature to squeeze through (Acrobatics DC 10 to jump up and climb into the passage). The passage leads north (as shown by the dashed lines on the map) until it exits in the ceiling ofthe area to the north of this room. Pillar: The squares partially occupied by this pillar are difficult terrain. The pillar is 10 feet high (Athletics DC 10 to climb) and 5 feet wide and is cover terrain. Western Double Doors: A character who stands at these doors and succeeds on a DC 13 Perception check discerns the sound ofthe grinding ball in the area of encounter 3.

If the magma runners can't press "Fire," the imp does so until a total offour fire sinks appear. If the imp is not released initially, the magma runners attempt to reach the "Hell" plate and depress it to bung the imp into play. Otherwise, the magma rwmers head for the "Fire" plate to summon fire sinks (until a total of four fire sinks appear). They don't provoke opportunity attacks when moving toward either of these plates, but otherwise they try to reach the plates as soon as they can. The runners use molten rush, then slam until molten rush recharges.

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