Priest's Spell Compendium, Volume 1 (Advanced Dungeons & by Inc. TSR

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The Priest's Spell Compendium is a three-volume sequence describing each priest spell for the AD&D online game. Spells were accumulated from rule books, crusade settings, vitamins, adventures, and magazines courting again to 1975. Early entries were up to date to be instantly usable, making this the player's and DM's definitive resource for priest spells.

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Anyspell (Alteration) Sphere: Charm, Creation Level: 4 Range: 0 Components: V, S Casting Time: 7 Duration: Special Area of Effect: The castes Saving Throw: None This spell allows the caster to read and then lata cast any wizard spell of 1st through 5th level. Such a spell i s readable via a read magic ability conferred with the casting of anyspell, but only one spell can be read and cast for each casting of anyspell. Merely reading the titles of spells on scrolls or in spellbooks to find a desired spell does not exhaust the magic of the anyspell; an entire spell must be read.

The reverse of this spell, disdain, replaces all positive feelings a creature has toward a named being (which can be the caster) with opposite negative emotions, It also temporarily lowers the named being’s Charisma by ld&2 points with respect to the subject for the spell’s duration, making the creature’s reactions to and loyalty to the named being much more likely to be negative and hostile. Notes: Granted by the evil god Bhaal of the FORGOTI’EN REALMSsetting. Attnnement (Alteration, Necromancy) Sphere: Guardim Augment Artistry -Elf (Alteration) Sphere: Creation Level: 1 Range: Touch Components: V, S,M Casting Time: 1 rd.

Notes: Uncommon spell (P0:SM). Area of Effect: Person touched Saving Throw: None This spell is used by the priest to remove the burden of unwilling or unknown deeds from the person who is the subject of the aronemenr. The spell removes the effects of magical alignment changes as well. The person seeking the atowmnf spell must be either truly repentant or not have been in command of his own will when the acts to be atoned for were committed. The DM judges this spell in this regard, noting any past instances of its use upon the person.

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