Permutation, Parametric, and Bootstrap Tests of Hypotheses by Phillip I. Good

By Phillip I. Good

Past variation offered over 1400 copies all over the world. This re-creation contains many extra real-world illustrations from biology, company, scientific trials, economics, geology, legislation, medication, social technology and engineering in addition to two times the variety of routines.

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Recently, a promising treatment was found for a once certain fatal disease. Not all patients were cured completely; for some, there was a temporary remission of the disease, which allowed other cures to be tried, while other patients could only report that they felt better, and, alas, there were still many for whom the inevitable downward progress of the disease continued without interruption. The treatment was expensive and carried its own separate risks for the patient. A university laboratory had come up with a predictive method that could be employed prior to starting the treatment.

Subsequently, Wald and Wolfowitz [1944], Hoeffding [1951, 1952], Kempthorne [1952], and Bickel and VanZwet [1978] showed that for very large samples the parametric and permutation approaches are equivalent. In a series of journal articles beginning in 1947 and culminating in a textbook in 1950, A. Wald generalized the accept/reject alternatives of testing hypotheses to complete classes of decision procedures. Regrettably, little further progress was made in this area, although, in the next chapter, we show how permutation tests can be applied to a general loss matrix in a practical situation.

A university laboratory had come up with a predictive method that could be employed prior to starting the treatment. Still, this method wasn’t particularly reliable. The small company for whom I worked as a consultant felt sure its technology would yield a far superior predictive measure. The question for the statistician was how the company could turn this feeling into something more substantial, something that could be used to convince both venture capitalists and regulatory agencies of the new method’s predictive value.

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