Legacy of Damnation by Brian Schoner

By Brian Schoner

For greater than ten centuries, the boys of the sealed lands have lived both beaten by way of the tyranny of infernal masters or in consistent conflict with demonic hordes. that point, the twilight of the Time of Terror, a massive mountain diversity erupted from the earth and trapped the hordes of Hell. On that day the God Illiir selected his val'Assante youngsters and their fledgling empire primarily others. Now the covenant solid among the 1st Emperor of Coryan and the God Illiir has been damaged and the wall is impassible not more. once more the hordes of hell and their descendants are loose to roam the area of fellows. however the maximum possibility to Illiir's little ones would possibly not lie with the armies of the Infernal, yet with these males forsaken that day while an Emperor died and an Empire was once born.

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Geas/Taboo: Those with a Dreamer totem tend to lose their connection with the material world faster than other shamans. Therefore, they must always make a successful Concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) to cast a spell, as their mind is always on the spirit world rather than the material world. Further, they must find ways of encouraging others to express their innate creativity. The Healer (typical appearance: ancestor, bear, or spider) The spirit of the Healer is nurturing and compassionate.

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