Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics (Dungeons & Dragons by Bruce Cordell

By Bruce Cordell

New psionic status periods, powers, monsters, feats, and goods - many dependent round the issues of Dream. Plus, notice extra concerning the scary entity referred to as the darkish Plea and its newest machinations.

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Benefit: Another latent talent for psionics wakes, granting you the following psi-like ability: Psi-Like Ability: 1/day—control flames or matter agitation. Manifester level 1st; save DC Latent Psi Feats 11 + Charisma modifier + Those who already possess a smidgeon of power level. psionic aptitude can sometimes call upon Special: You can use one buried latent psi feats. Latent psi abilities cannot be augmented. or the other of your latent psi-like abilities once per day—you can’t use both. Once you use one, you can’t use the other for the rest of the day.

For instance, an 11th-level psion can store up to 11 power points, while a 4th-level psion could store only 4. Disarm Mind [Psionic] You can use psionic assaults to effectively relieve your enemies of all their power points. Prerequisite: Mental Adversary† Benefit: In addition to the benefit you gain upon winning a round of mindscape psionic combat, you also deplete a number of power points equal to your Charisma modifier (maximum 5 power points) from your opponent. Against a creature that freely manifests a power, you suppress one of its powers (chosen by the DM) for a day.

Think of mindscape psionic modes as akin to “mental attitudes” for the psionic individual. One mode or another is always active—just as a normal creature always has an attitude, be it happy, sad, murderous, or pacifistic, so too does a psionic creature always have a mode active. Chapter Three: Mindscape Psionic Combat This “mental attitude,” or active mode, takes shape as a particular psychic avatar in a temporary mental plane (mindscape) created when two or more psionic creatures become aware of each other and at least one decides they should meet.

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