Horselords (Forgotten Realms: The Empires Trilogy, Book 1) by David Cook

By David Cook

Among the valiant kingdoms of the western geographical regions and the unique japanese lands of Kara-Tur lies an unlimited, unexplored country. for hundreds of years, the "civilized" peoples of the Forgotten geographical regions have given little observe to those barbarians. Now, a robust chief has united the wild horsemen right into a strong force--an military robust adequate to problem the world.

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Just like the portals to the Prime Material and Inner Planes, Sigil’s got doorways to more places on the Outer Planes than can be mapped in a millennium. For most planars, or at least those that can get to Sigil, the portals are the preferred way to travel. Odds are good for finding a door at least somewhat close to where a cutter wants to go - if he’s willing to search the streets long enough. MAGIC O N GETTING A R Q U N D THE OUTER PLANES Just being on the Outer Planes doesn’t make getting around easy.

For example, the halls of the marid court are built with an obvious top and bottom so that no one accidentally embarrasses themselves. Navigation by extraplanars is impossible, and to get anywhere a guide is absolutely necessary. There’s more than just water out here, too. There’s elemental pockets, though few hold their form long. Chunks of Earth hover in the stream, bubbles of Air drift aimlessly, Ooze worms through the endless ocean, Magma hardens to stone, and bitter brine marks a pocket of Salt.

Kinder souls merely imprison their foes here, sealing them inside bubbles of pure air. Oh, sometimes they forget the other niceties of food and water, leaving their prisoners to slow starvation, but at least they kept them from immediate death. Even those fully provided for face unhappy fates, for there’s little or nothing to stave off the madness that boredom brings. Small wonder the plane is also known as the House of Chambered Madness. Little relieves the unending ocean of muck. Toward the plane of Earth, the mud grows drier, filled with abrasive grit, and toward Water it thins into rippling silt that a cutter can easily swim through.

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