Greek Philosophers as Theologians by Adam Drozdek

By Adam Drozdek

Recommendations of God offered by way of Greek philosophers have been considerably varied from just like the divine of renowned faith and point out a pretty refined theological mirrored image from the very inception of Greek philosophy. This publication provides a finished background of theological considered Greek philosophers from the Presocratics to the early Hellenistic interval. focusing on perspectives about the attributes of God and their effect on eschatological and moral concept, Drozdek explains that theology was once of paramount significance for all Greek philosophers even within the absence of simply theological or spiritual language.

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121; Heraclitus “seeks to discover the world-soul from the human soul, and metaphysics from physics” Hermann Diels, Herakleitos von Ephesos (Berlin, 1909), p. x. Heraclitus and the Logos 35 to the Logos, which at least will give them an understanding of the harmony that is hidden behind the vicissitudes of everyday life and the changes that permeate the universe. In this, Heraclitus gives a new status to the soul. The rationality of the soul is an individual reflection of the rationality of the cosmos; the rationality of its constitutive principle, the everliving fire; the rationality of the intelligent side of the fire, the Logos.

Fire is called ever-living, and thus by being constituted by fire and infusing the soul with the life-attribute of fire, the soul can become a life-force in humans. Aristotle says that, for Heraclitus, soul is “exhalation of which everything else is composed” (De anima 405a25–26 = A15). Aristotle assumes that there are two kinds of exhalation, moist and dry, thus the exhalation ascribed to Heraclitus must be dry. And because to Aristotle fire is the arche in Heraclitus’ doctrine, the dry exhalation “of which everything else is composed” must be fire.

B2, the Logos is also common. This points to the identification of the Logos with the divine law, a pattern of human laws of fr. B114. But everliving fire is also both eternal and common. It is common in the sense that everything is its manifestation, that it is the arche of the world. This points to a strong link between the Logos and the everliving fire. Are they the same? 22 The Logos is the universal Reason, as later stated explicitly by the Stoics. Technically, the everliving fire was called phronimon.

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