A Grand History of the Forgotten Realms by Brian R. James

By Brian R. James

The definitive timeline of the Forgotten Realms(R) campaign.

The Grand background of the Realms chronicles the wealthy historical past of the Forgotten Realms crusade atmosphere, providing an in depth timeline followed by way of essays from Elminster of Shadowdale and different Realmslore specialists. even if no longer a video game complement, it serves as a convenient reference advisor for avid gamers and Dungeon Masters looking info on particular historic occasions. furthermore, the publication gains an unique Forgotten Realms brief tale by means of best-selling writer R.A. Salvatore and new revelations for Realmslore aficionados.

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115] ž Netherese settlers refound Illusk as a magocracy. The ruling group of arcanists, known as the Grand Cabal, names Fynran the Flamelord as high arcanist and ruler. (Netheril) [177380000] -387 DR (Year of Shattered Walls) ž Calishite-controlled Zazesspur sacked in a surprise attack by Tethyrian barbarians. [WTC11836] ž (-1457 NR ) Netherese refugees refound Illusk and establish a magocracy of arcanists called the Grand Cabal to govern it. (Savage Frontier) (The North) [177380000] [WTC11836] -379 DR (Year of Dancing Idols) ž Hobgoblins unite under the rulership of their first king.

Chultan Peninsula) [965660000] ž (-1352 NR ) Anticipating the rising power of the Netherese survivor states, the ophidians under Terpenzi summon the Hss`tafi tribe of yuan-ti from the southern jungles of Faerûn. While Terpenzi plotted, the yuan-ti build a great temple at the heart of the city, with the Naja Fountain at its core, firmly establishing themselves as Najara's ruling caste. 111] -315 DR ž (935 Tu) Hu Ling Do writes his famous Hsao Chronicles. His writings encourage a strong following of the Way in the south.

Sword Coast North) [177380000] -265 DR ž (985 Shou) A criminal family in Kai Shan seizes control of their city, declaring their own sovereignty. Such city-states are common in the Black Cycle, but Kai Shan survives semiindependent to this day, as it aided and supported Wo Mai, a noble from a neighboring province, in his adventures. (Shou Lung) [TSR9195] -256 DR (Year of Able Warriors) ž Satama, a Durpari trader, begins preaching th Adama. (The Shining Lands) [179290000] -255 DR (Year of Furious Waves) ž Fall of Jhaamdath: The Twelve Cities of the Sword are smashed by a gargantuan tsunami raised by the elven High Mages of Nikerymath (present day Chondalwood).

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