Extinction (Forgotten Realms: R.A. Salvatore's War of the by Lisa Smedman

By Lisa Smedman

Extinction is the fourth identify within the epic Forgotten geographical regions sequence approximately one of many preferred races within the surroundings. This name landed at the long island instances best-seller checklist for 2 immediately weeks upon preliminary hardcover unencumber. Best-selling writer R.A. Salvatore wrote the prologue to Extinction and maintains to refer to at the sequence, lending his services because the writer who introduced drow society to the leading edge of the Forgotten nation-states environment.

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The mages had likewise drawn intricate pentacles and conjuror’s circles in the open space in the middle of the floor. Taegan was reasonably certain he could spend tendays poring over the scholars’ work and emerge little wiser than before. He actually enjoyed considerable mastery of the specialized swordsman’s magic called bladesong, but that scarcely provided the breadth or depth of esoteric knowledge that a genuine wizard possessed. He could only hope that Dorn’s “partners,” who had for some years created the enchanted weapons the half-golem and his comrades used as beast hunters for hire, knew what they were doing.

Then he realized that when the dragon had dashed him and Rain to the ground, it must have knocked him unconscious for a time. He was lucky it hadn’t done worse than that, almost certainly luckier than poor Rain, who sprawled motionless, his weight pressing down on his rider’s leg. Igan kicked his feet out of the stirrups, then awkwardly squirmed and dragged himself out from under the destrier. By the time he stood up, the dragon, intent on other foes, had pivoted away from him. Still, he had to take a steadying breath, gathering his courage, before he could bring himself to poise the lance and run at the creature.

From on high, the battles looked like black twitching knots on the ground. Pillars of gray smoke from burning villages and isolated crofts billowed up to foul the sky. At first, Sammaster felt satisfied. He didn’t know if the brutish inhabitants of Vaasa would actually succeed in conquering Damara, but he didn’t care. His only purpose had been to plunge the region into a bloody chaos that would inhibit any effort to find the source of the secret power he’d mastered and halt the process he’d set in motion.

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