Evil by Alderac Entertainment

By Alderac Entertainment

Play a personality from this booklet and the event issues come to you. Who stated you needed to play the great men? Being evil simply received more straightforward. This ebook has every little thing you want to run evil characters, strengthen evil campaigns, and make your nasty NPCs a little bit bit nastier. Evil has ideas for brand spanking new status sessions, new spells, new clerical domain names, and demon summoning. If you're taking part in sturdy after this ebook is out, you're at the incorrect part of the sport.

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How of higher 8Wu1ere also allowed a saving throw vs. spell with tbe w e resub for w c c w or failure. Of course, tbey nova treat the wu jcn as M qual. Tho matorial component for this spell is a drop of honey The rcverae of this -11, lose face, c a w s the victim to bscom# ~loiallygraceless. Tk vi& must be t o o c h a d rardc ~ mu)but no u w i q thmw is allowed. The victim and thw with him am mi ~ l y a w a r ofcaqychappp,but* social graces arc important the victim mmehow manages to do the wrong thing to the obvious notice of those around h k .

Summon animals (of familiar's species), once per week. One animal per 2 levels will appear, Tongues,once per day. Ifanimal doas not ha? 95 00 Table V dlOO 01-10 Wmithfom, once per ween. Glibness (aspotion), once per week, for I round per level. If an mal does not have speech, reroll. Intelligence raised to Exceptional (14 + ld2). Polymorph to a specific human or demihuman form, once per day for up to 2 tums/level. DM decides exact details of appear. ance. Hit points and Intelligenc are retained but outer form is typical of race; enhanced anim senses are lost in this form (as will be wizard’s surprise bonus Special Power Charm animal, 1 HD per 2 lev- els, once per week.

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