Encyclopaedia Arcane: Dragon Magic - Power Incarnate by Alejandro Melchor, Patricio Soler, Larry Elmore

By Alejandro Melchor, Patricio Soler, Larry Elmore

Dragon Magic is all approximately harnessing the uncooked strength of dragonkind, attending to the very roots of magic and uncovering the inner most mysteries - it takes loads of time, persistence and figuring out, however the precise Dracomancer has few equals and should also be strong adequate to bend Dragons themselves to his will. the trail to including Dragon Magic for your sorcerer, wizard or bard can begin very early yet this can be a self-discipline that merely actually bears fruit on the maximum of degrees. And its results might be frightening.

Dragon Magic kicks off with an summary of the artwork, masking the parts that really make spells paintings and the way they relate to dragons, the Dragonsong, the excessive Draconic language, dragon bloodlines and the real Wordsof energy. this can be outfitted upon through the following bankruptcy, Draconic - Language of Magic, which supplies all of the uncomplicated instruments a practitioner wishes if he's to undertake Dragon Magic. scholars needs to work flat out to benefit excessive Draconic (it isn't easily 'just' one other language), and its program has an enduring drain on magical skills. With this, even though, comes new advantages - spellcasting utilizing excessive Draconic allows a caster to change spells at the fly as though plagued by a Metamagic feat yet with out real requirement to have learnt the feat within the first position - when you have ever questioned how your wizard may possibly attainable use the entire metamagic feats presently to be had to him, this is often one path he can try out. the danger is having the spell backfire with a couple of assorted results, so a practitioner has to be wary, balancing his ability in excessive Draconic with the specified results. With excessive Draconic additionally comes an realizing of the phrases of energy, just like energy note spells yet with enormously prolonged features. those are the roots of all magical spells, and a practitioner can now, for the 1st time, entry this base magic at once. final, there are the Dragonsongs, the instruments of bardic practitioners who study the refrain all dragons sing

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Protection from Element: The dragon instils his elemental nature into the charm, protecting the wearer from attacks using the same energy type as the dragon’s breath weapon. The dragon suffers an extra 3d6 points of subdual damage. The charm’s recipient may use the ability once per day, which works as the spell of the same name cast at the dragon’s current caster level. Dragon Player Characters In the off-chance that a Games Master has allowed a dragon Player Character, he needs the Create Wondrous Item feat in order to create a dragon charm.

Unlocking Cost: Current level x 250 XP; 1st level spell slot. Activation: Intimidation check (special) or 1st level spell slot; 1 action. Duration: 10 minutes/character level. Appearance: The character’s mien takes on an aweinspiring or frightening air. Magical Immunity You become immune to certain magical effects. Prerequisites: Iron Will feat. Unlocking Cost: Current level x 100 XP. Activation: 2nd level spell slot; 1 action. Duration: 1 minute/character level.

Appearance: Pupils become slitted. Permanent Change When the character activates this feature, he gains the keen senses of a dragon. He can see four times as well as a human in low light, and twice as well in normal light. This feature is interchangeable with You fix one feature so it becomes permanent. Prerequisites: Any one feature. Unlocking Cost: See text. 40 ASCENDANCY – PRIOMORDIAL BLOOD the Dragon Eyes feat in the Dragon Magic Feats chapter. The character can use the scent special ability as described in Core Rulebook II.

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