Empowerment and Disempowerment of the European Citizen by Michael Dougan, Niamh Nic Shuibhne, Eleanor Spaventa

By Michael Dougan, Niamh Nic Shuibhne, Eleanor Spaventa

This assortment engages with a critical topic on european citizenship - the emancipation of definite electorate, the alienation of others - and expands the horizons to interrogate no matter if related debates and traits should be pointed out in different fields of ecu integration. the point of interest of the publication is particularly citizen-focused. It gives you the potential of the outlet out of research of the results of eu citizenship past the parameters of Articles 18-25 TFEU and past the disciplinary confines of criminal research by myself. The publication construes 'EU citizenship' in its broadest feel, and explores the level to which the ecu citizen is, or certainly isn't, surely on the center of european legislations and coverage making. what's the goal and function of this transnational, local regulator, provided that citizen issues appear targeted essentially at both the infra nation or worldwide degrees? in the broader subject of empowerment and disempowerment, the book's individuals contemplate various move slicing topics, for instance: the level to which channels of citizen participation (can) tell ecu coverage making in a 'bottom-up' feel, or even if the european is a catalyst for the development of recent areas and new identities. (Series: smooth reviews in ecu legislation - Vol. 35)

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Empowerment and Disempowerment of the European Citizen

This assortment engages with a imperative subject matter on ecu citizenship - the emancipation of yes voters, the alienation of others - and expands the horizons to interrogate no matter if comparable debates and tendencies should be pointed out in different fields of ecu integration. the focal point of the booklet is incredibly citizen-focused.

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97 This is certainly important but definitely not sufficient for the creation of a stronger common identity of all Union See, more recently, case C-256/11, Dereci and others, judgment of 15 November 2011. This is criticised by E Spaventa, ‘Seeing the Wood Despite the Trees? On the Scope of Union Citizenship and its Constitutional Effects’ (2008) 45 CML Rev 13, who notes that ‘the very idea of citizenship sits uncomfortably with an a priori differentiation between citizens based on the sole ground that a border has been crossed’.

In this case, Mrs Wardyn, a Lithuanian national belonging to the Polish minority of Lithuania, and her Polish husband, both residing in Belgium, were contesting the Lithuanian rules providing that a person’s name may be entered on the certificates of civil status only in a form which complies with the rules governing the spelling of Lithuanian, the official national language. 55 The Court adds Ibid, para 92. Ibid, para 88. 51 Ibid, para 89. 52 Such a position is also in line with the judgment in Case C-473/93 Commission v Luxembourg [1996] ECR I-3207.

In L’Union européenne: Union de droit, Union des droits. Mélanges en l’honneur de Philippe Manin (Paris, Pedone, 2010) 79: ‘Les nations, ces êtres collectifs, ont aussi, chacune, leur identité propre: ne sont-elles pas dotées de certains caractères stables, permanents et fondamentaux qui les distinguent des autres, leurs semblables, mais non leurs identiques? Montesquieu ne relevait-il pas déjà l’existence d’un esprit général de chaque nation, qui expliquait la variété des lois que chacune se donne?

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