Dragons by Alderac Entertainment

By Alderac Entertainment

"Let's move kill a dragon." -Last phrases of a participant who recollects 2d variation dragons.

208 pages of our favourite strength of nature. Dragons "make" fable. The king of beasts makes his successful visual appeal during this colossal addition to the 20 line. together with ideas for dragon hunters, dragon riders, aerial strive against, new dragons, and carefully defining the ten dragons that began all of it, AEG's Dragons is a must have for GMs and desktops alike.

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There are two tables and a single chair in the central area. Each cell has a wooden bed, a deck of playing cards, a dragonchess game and a religious book, written in Common, detailing the religion of Rao. This area is in total darkness. Anyone who enters a cell is immediately and silently tagged with a minor spell that causes the recipient to radiate minor alteration magic for I2 hours. If the recipient walks out of area C42 and reaches the bend in area C41, he is instantly tekpored to area C43.

If "killed" only on the Prime Material Plane, this apparition re-forms on the Ethereal Plane in 1d4+4 days, then reappears where it was first killed. " C33. Idintry Preparation RoomThis large room lies directly below the heavy infantry barracks (area C6), which can be reached by ascendmg the stairs in the southwest corner. There i s no h i t u r e here but a small raised pladorm. The walls are hung with large smooth e r ethe soldiers received orders and prepared themselves before leaving the castle by slates.

The character appears, weightless, in a cubical room IO feet across, with a door on every wall. There is no ceiling or floor here. O n each door is a numbered code. Beyond each door is another room exactly like the first, but with different codes on the doors; beyond these rooms are more rooms, and so forth. The character does not age, thirst, sleep or grow hungry here. The tesseract trap cannot be escaped from or affected by magical or physical attacks. To escape, the PC must pass through a series of these doors in a specific sequence, which can be figured out by studying the numbers on the doors.

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