Dark Sun: Dragon Kings (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd by Timothy B. Brown

By Timothy B. Brown

Create extremely high-level participant characters with this intriguing new hardbound ideas complement. Dragon Kings expands the darkish solar international for large high-level characters; with it, each personality type can extend to the thirtieth point and conflict for keep an eye on of the realm.

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If the victim is reduced to zero hit points, its entire body is turned Role-playing an Avangion to ash and he is killed. The DM may decide that no character killed in this way can be resurrected. Avangions go through no animalistic stage and never lose their mental faculties. On the contrary, as The Wish Spell an avangion progresses through the metamorphosis, its intellect increases, marked by the increases Psionic enchantments are more difficult to learn allowed for its Wisdom score (to a maximum of 25).

Other creatures for familiars: Any Athasian other wizard on behalf of the pretender. creatures of roughly animal intelligence and 2 HD Magical items: Other magical items can simulate actual spell effects. The spell effect is created by the or less can become familiars. On Athas, these creatures tend to run a little larger than on other worlds. magical item, but the pretender must mimic sensory Psionics and familiars: A wizard communicates effects of casting using a cantrip, illusion, or psionics.

When striking a structure, the ram inflicts 5d10 R a n g e 5” / 10” / 15” Mekillot Ram Slaves AD 4 AR 9 Hits 1 ML 7 MV 12 points of structural damage. Anything mobile can easily dodge the ram. The ram can take 220 points of damage before it 4 stands Ram moves 6 with slaves. can no longer move. The mekillot within can take 60 points of damage before dying; this also stops the Undead War Beetle vehicle. The mekillot ram makes structural saving throws as hard wood. BATTLESYSTEM™ 6 stands For centuries the twisted sorcerer-kings have delighted in bizarre weapons of destruction.

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