Dissolution (Forgotten Realms: R.A. Salvatore's War of the by Richard Lee Byers

By Richard Lee Byers

The battle of the Spider Queen starts off here.

While their entire global is altering round them, 4 darkish elves fight opposed to diverse enemies. but their paths will lead all of them to the main terrifying discovery within the lengthy heritage of the drow and set them on a quest to avoid wasting not just Menzoberranzan however the complete darkish elf race from Dissolution...

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A dwarf may spend extra time to add elaborate scrollwork, filigree, and other ornamentation to increase the value of items that he creates. For each week that a dwarf spends above and beyond the normal time needed to create an item, the item’s market price is increased by 100 gold pieces. The value of the final item cannot be increased by more than 100% of its normal price. ) • Dwarves do not need any special training or feats in order to be able to create masterwork and greater Dwarf ▪ RACES OF ARCANIS masterwork items.

After 24 hours, the dwarf’s soul Keen Eye: Solani Dwarves are expert craftsmen and transfers to his soul shard and a raise dead becomes recognize the work of other experts. Therefore, they gain necessary. Being brought back to life by curing magics a +2 racial bonus on all Appraise skill checks that are instead of the raise dead spell still incurs the level loss related to stonework or forged metal items. (or Constitution loss) as detailed in the raise dead spell description. If the dwarf died from ability score loss, poison, or level drain, these conditions must also be Encali Dwarves removed before the body will return to life.

Each statue is frozen in a tortured and contorted pose, its mouth open in an eternal scream. Positioned at a place just above where the statue’s heart should be is a pulsating, glowing ruby of immense proportions. This is the heartstone of the Enclave. The heartstones are not only a visual reminder of the dwarves’ curse; they also serve as a literal mechanism of its enforcement. Every ten years, every dwarf must bathe in the light of his Enclave’s heartstone. Failure to do so causes the dwarf to begin to age at a rapid rate and eventually die.

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