Cormyr (Forgotten Realms, No. 9410, Advanced Dungeons & by Eric W. Haddock, Paul Jaquays

By Eric W. Haddock, Paul Jaquays

Cormyr will enable DM and participant alike to wander the King's woodland and the alleys of Suzail within the imagination. It offers fundamental details for any crusade performed within the FORGOTTEN geographical regions atmosphere, together with army and magical forces, principles for acquiring adventuring charters (required through the Crown), and evidence concerning the conflict Wizards and Council of Mages. A full-color map of the world info many websites now not pointed out within the crusade atmosphere, delivering the artistic DM rules with which to entertain avid gamers for plenty of nights of adventuring.

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Gondegal’s troops, though mercenary, performed well enough to capture a sizable portion of land and cause much misery in the towns they occupied. The troops also took Gondegal at his word and looted everything they could lay their hands on, leaving many of the towns and farms in ruins and many people dead. Gondegal fell due to two mistakes that went hand in hand. First, he 32 promised his mercenaries any loot they could find. This depleted the towns they sacked, rendering them useless as points of supply for further troop operations.

Marker's warehouse 9. Kryson horse farm 10. The Old Man (inn) 11. Jeerlak's warehouse 12. Burilla's horse farm 30 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. The Moon and the Stars (tavern) Timin's Fine Goods Strongwood (Morler family house) The Silver Wink (inn) Waymoot jail Derlith's farm Orr farm Cheerlair farm Brimstone (Dulea family house) Chunil farm Dulea farm Ulian farm The Sheltering Hand (temple to Tymora) The Sounds of Joy (temple to Lliira) The Cup and the Spoon (inn) Waymoot Wheloon The largest town within the King’s Forest, Waymoot sits in the center of a five-mile-wide, manmade clearing.

King Azoun uses Alaphondar’s expertise almost every day. In addition to law, history, and genealogy, Alaphondar is quite learned in the art of statesmanship and is expert at finding solutions to political problems. On five occasions Alaphondar has been sent as an ambassador to 46 foreign lands, notably Sembia, to represent Cormyr’s interests and to solve problems. Alaphondar is a tall man with short, bonewhite hair. He always wears his sage robe, a simple design of purple cloth with black stripes covering him from his neck to his feet.

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