City of Ravens (Forgotten Realms: The Cities, Book 1) by Richard Baker

By Richard Baker

Ravens Bluff

The urban of Ravens

For the 1st time, Jack Ravenwild's designs exceed his abilities. His goals plunge him into the center of a plot to damage town, a noble quest to discover a misplaced hoard, and a conspiracy to grab the reins of strength during the nobility's online game of mask. Worse but, Jack needs to make a choice from a lifetime of freedom and saving the town he doesn't even recognize he loves.

The Cities

A new sequence of stand-alone novels, each one set in a single of the strong towns of Faerûn.

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Observatory dome: This great glass dome serves as the greater portion of the ceiling for the great room. It is a wonder of Thesalys’s contemporary architecture,and its construction has yet to be duplicated, so skillful were the builders. 28. Master chemist’s lab: The master chemist of Castle Skyview enjoys this superbly equipped laboratory. Consider this laboratory the equivalent of a 5,000 gp laboratory with thousands of gold pieces worth of in- gredients. This room also serves as the storage area for the recipes and formulas of the chemists.

There are old sets of clothing, now rotted away, several rings, and other pieces of jewelry. On the wall are mounted two crossed spears, the wooden handles all but rotted away, and a tattered sword. The sarcophagus is occupied o r empty depending on the following conditions. If the PCs used the SUR seeds on Darkspace’s dead sun and revived it, there is a 10% chance that T’Laan will be here during the daylight hours (although h e is more likely to be resting in area 36). The jewelry is a s follows: three gold rings with gems (300 g p value each), o n e diamond and sapphire necklace (1500 gp value), and o n e gold and emerald crown (5000 g p value).

Two sets of doors lead out of this comfortable sitting room. Various pieces of old, well-crafted furniture adorn this room including a couch, two chairs, end table, and a n old suit of display armor. A large window dominates one of t h e walls and strange, flitting shadows can be seen moving outside. T h e furniture, while valuable, would be difficult t o transport away due to its size and bulk. The armor is human-sized, non-magical plate mail. It is of exceptional construction and will likely last many years in combat.

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