Buddhism in Kashmir by Nalinaksha Dutt

By Nalinaksha Dutt

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Son. I 1. MIli"dapiinha, pp. 82-3 p. 327: ViI4ta"":'"Tukb ara (Tokharistan), a . Mleccha country. (Cf. Nagiirjunikol,14a loscr. in Epi Indica. xx, i. 'Ibid p. 420 2. Milinda, 3. • though only two Kharo�thi inscription. incised at the instance of the Greek chief. have been discovered at Swatl and Taxila,2 they show that Buddhism obtained a firm footiug in N. W. · Like the Greeks, the. Sakas also embraced Buddhism, made donations to the Buddhist Saifgha,· erected stupas on the relics of Siikyamuni,' constructed vihiiras.

I, Mangalasura, Aryadevendrabhuta. The scribe of the king's ms. is Aryasthirabuddhi and the collaborator Narendra Datta. The discovery of mss. was first announced by Sir Aurel Steid in the Statesman of the 24th July 1 93 1 . ' . " "The palaeogr ayhic indications of some of the mss. D. M. Hackin also paid a' visit to the spot and furnished u s with the following information (Journal Asiatique, 1 935, pp. 1 4- 1 5) : "The place of discovery is situated about 3 miles to the ' north of Gilgit in the mountainous region .

36 down the Buddhiqt temples and monasteries all over Northern rndi :}, and m'lSs:lcre the monks. The inhuman cruelties and depredations perpetrated by the White H un r uler were, according to Yuan Chwang,l checked by Bi1lad itya of Magadha, but there was none in Kashmir to check his atrocious acts of des , troying stu pas and monasteries and ell terminating even the lay �dherents of Buddhism, until his complete overthrow by Yasodharman. , K lll h a Da tels us that his son Baka ( =Mahasammata of TAraniitha, Buddhapak�h of Mmk.

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