Buddhism and Politics in 20th Century Asia by Ian Harris

By Ian Harris

Traditionally, Buddhism has prospered in societies prepared in response to the socio-political teachings of the Buddha. the 20 th century has been a very tense time in Buddhism's background, no longer least simply because conventional polities were eroded. Disparate elements, corresponding to warfare, modernity, westernization, nationalization, capitalism, communism and ethnic clash, have made their presence felt within the religion's Asian heartlands. during this examine a crew of foreign students examine the style within which Buddhist businesses and members have resisted, come to phrases with, or every so often allied themselves with those forces. It has develop into widespread for Westerners to view Buddhism as an otherworldly and introspective faith. by means of analyzing matters comparable to left-right divisions within the monastic order, the increase of prepared lay routine, Buddhist social activism, in addition to explicitly Buddhist encouraged political job, this ebook demonstrates that the emphasis on meditation and psychological education is just one strand during this richly advanced, world-historical faith.

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The State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), now known as the State Peace and Development Council or SPDC a rogue government which refuses to give up after losing the 1990 election to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy - has its clerical allies and makes its own pretence of being the protector of the faith, to be sure. But despite an outwardly sturdy appearance, backed as it is by an enormous army, this government is in peril. It is the final contention of this chapter that political freedom and decency will come to Burma, and that Buddhist values and leadership will yet help shape the future of this nation.

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