Bleak House: The Death of Rudolph Van Richten (AD&D by William W. Connors, David Gross

By William W. Connors, David Gross

Outdated squaddies by no means die...For greater than 3 many years, Dr. Rudolph van Richten stood opposed to the forces of darkness, and hunted their servants within the a ways corners of the land of Mists. Now he had concept his lengthy conflict over, had inspiration he might spend his declining years in quiet leisure with previous friends.But for a few, a sad finish is inevitable.Dark forces were amassing within the Mists. Their aim is to work out Ravenloft's most well known professional at the supernatural destroyed, shattered in spirit in addition to in physique. From the crumbling edifice of Van Richten's adolescence domestic, an enemy lengthy concept vanquished spins an internet of robust evils and misplaced souls, drawing Van Richten to his doom. after which a gaggle of heroes will get trapped within the internet to boot. . . .Witness the ultimate stand of Rudolph van Richten!Inside this field is a grand-scale Ravenloft experience that pushes heroes to the edge of insanity, and attracts them into the terrifying scheme to annihilate Rudolph van Richten.The set contains:- Sea of insanity, a 96-page publication detailing the island of Dominia and bearing on the occasions that commence the cycle of doom.- Homecoming, a 64-page ebook describing the Van Richten kin property and the massive haunted mansion often called Bleak condominium. compatible to be used with the awful condo crusade or the Masque of the crimson demise atmosphere, this event is designed in order that it may be performed numerous occasions, and no reviews could be the same.- Heroes, Monsters, and Settings, a 32-page booklet containing video game facts for a few of Ravenloft's most sensible identified, but by no means specified, villains; a brand new form of vampire; details on Martira Bay in Darkon; and maps meant to be used with the grim apartment campaign.- a colour map revealing the format and secrets and techniques of the grim condo itself.

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