A Waterdrop from the Glorious Sea: The Sakya Tradition: A by Sherab Gyaltsen Amipa

By Sherab Gyaltsen Amipa

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So for fourteen years, he stayed in Lhakhang Ladhang and devoted himself to study, while Sharpa Ringyal acted as his representative on the throne of Sakya. Then he was given rulership over Sakya. During his reign, he built a great wall around the Sakya monastic university, and the land knew prosperity in terms of both Dharma and material welfare. Tishri phag Wopa's eldest son was the great Lama Kun-ga Lo<;lho Gyaltshiin Pal Zangpo. He attained great knowledge of the scriptures as well as spiritual insight, and at the age of twelve, he was given the title of "Tishri".

The lotsiiva and his followers had already left by the time the officials arrived back at the palace. They told the king what had happened. The king thought. "This lama has the power to make Dharma protectors be his servants," and he was filled with regret. He confessed his mistake and offered his devotions to the lama, and he came very close to death. Thus the lotsava became known as one who had made a Dharma protector his servant. Farther on their way, thelama told the protector that they needed to stop and rest for a day to avoid being harmed.

From that time forward, Mahakala obeyed the commands of the Sakyapas like a servant, but sometimes he displayed various types of violent behaviour. This was related to the guru, who repEed, "Even in India there is no one to match the power of Mahakala. " The lamas did as advised, and this is why even today Bhl1ta<;lamara is portrayed by the right shoulder of this Dharma protector in paintings and statues. Then the great Sakyapas brought the physical representations of Mahakala from India to the Sakyapa temple' called Gorum Zimci Karpo and made one of its small 26 rooms the temporary dwelling of the protector.

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