A Warrior's Will by Justus Roux

By Justus Roux

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In this way Scotus took the discussion away from talk of the need for a sacrifice of infinite goodness to make reparation for our sins of infinite badness. 42 wrong. The officer has no right to command (or even permit) a private to fall on a grenade to save other soldiers if he could fall on it himself. God cannot command or even permit some volunteer to undertake so serious an act. If it is to be done, he must do it himself. A perfect life need not end in a death by execution, but in so many human societies that might well happen; those who protest too strongly against injustice get executed.

I have argued that it is in The Christian God, esp. ch. 9. 51 in his human life in partial ignorance of, and so with only partial access to, his divine powers. As Freud taught us, we often put ourselves into a situation of partial ignorance of our desires and beliefs voluntarily, for bad reasons. But God could put himself in such a situation for good reasons, if there were good reasons for that. And just as we, or at any rate some of us, can carry on a telephone conversation while writing a letter at the same time, and in each action act and react with quite distinct beliefs and desires, so God could act simultaneously with a divine nature doing divine things and with a human nature doing human things (not acting with awareness of his divine nature).

That the one and only one prophet in the history of the world who satisfied the prior requirements for being God Incarnate should also satisfy the posterior requirement would be impossible unless God brought about the latter for the purpose of making it clear that that prophet was God Incarnate. For violations (or quasi-violations) of laws of nature cannot (given my assumption of the non-existence of lesser deities) occur unless there is a God who controls the laws of nature. Otherwise laws of nature provide the ultimate explanation of what happens and no one can set them aside; but if there is a God, he (or someone else permitted by God to do so) can set them aside.

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