47 Easy-to-Do Classic Science Experiments by Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo

By Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo

Simple yet stress-free experiments, played with universal home goods, train childrens rules of sunshine, elasticity, standpoint, gravity, air strain, optics, extra. directions, illustrations.

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Place the glass upside-down in the bowl. Be careful not to tilt the glass. The water will rise slightly into the glass, but not enough to wet the paper. What has happened is that as the water enters the glass it has compressed the air inside. When squeezed into a smaller space the pressure of the air in the glass increases, preventing the water from completely filling the glass. As you can see, the interior of the glass is like a simple diving bell. The bottom of a diving bell would be open, just like the glass, so that the divers could enter and leave the chamber.

Surface Tension How Many Quarters Will a Glass Full of Water Hold? Science makes it possible to perform some wonderful tricks on your friends. For example, suppose you fill a glass with water right to the top. Then ask a friend how many quarters they think you can drop into the glass without causing the water to overflow. No doubt, they will say one or two. The fact is, as the illustration below shows, the answer is more like ten! How to Drop Quarters Into a Full Glass of Water Without Causing It to Overflow MATERIALS ten to twelve quarters glass full of water KEY TERMS Surface tension: The property of a liquid (possessed by all liquids) that causes its surface to contract and resemble a thin, invisible elastic skin.

If the pea is dry, soak it in water to soften it so that you can push the pin through its center without splitting it. Push the straight pin through the center of the pea. Cut a two-inch piece from the soda straw. Place the pea on one end of the piece of soda straw in such a way that one of the ends of the pin sticks down into the straw and holds the pea in place. Tilt your head back in a horizontal position. Put the other end of the soda straw in your mouth as shown in the illustration. Gently blow through the straw.

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